Movie review: Everything Must Go

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Will Ferrell plays an alcoholic in his new movie, but he's no "Frank the Tank."

"Everything Must Go" is a little closer to "Leaving Las Vegas" than Ferrell's "Old School" drinker, but it takes the edge off the bitterness with quirky humor. It's an odd cocktail, but it generally works.

Nick Halsey (Ferrell) is a mid-level sales exec whose life flames out quickly and spectacularly. He loses his job only to return home to find his possessions on the lawn with a note informing him that his wife is leaving him.

Nick plays the hand he is dealt. He spends the subsequent four days living on his front lawn, and hints of his dark past filter through as he guzzles cans of PBR.

Will Ferrell isn't the first name you might think of for a dramedy about a relapsed alcoholic, but he delivers a fine, nuanced performance.

Still, it's not a shocking departure. There are moments of man-child comedy that are pure Ferrell.

First-time director Dan Rush creates a blend of pathos and comedy that works more often than not, but I sometimes found myself wanting the film to commit to the dark comedy and go further with it.

I'd also like to see what Ferrell could do with a serious role, but this blend is well worth seeing.

Go get it:

"Everything Must Go"

Opens Friday

3 stars out of 4