Movie review: Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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Columbus Alive

There's a scene in Morgan Spurlock's new movie where the provocateur documentarian asks consumer advocate Ralph Nader, "Is there truth in advertising?"

"Yes," Nader replies, "Advertisements that say they're lying are telling the truth."

In "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," Spurlock - best known for his McDonald's documentary "Super Size Me" - turns his attention toward advertising and marketing.

His gimmick is simple: He aims to produce a documentary about product placement that is entirely funded by product placement.

So Spurlock - not exactly a favorite of corporate America - hits up companies big and small for a chance to get their product in his movie.

If you find Spurlock's everyman schtick to be grating, you can skip this one. He doesn't shy from making himself the subject of his own documentaries.

His style generally tends to stray into heavy-handedness. Not the case here. He explores our cultural saturation with advertising in a thoughtful way, without painting it as the downfall of Western civilization.

The end result is probably Spurlock's most entertaining doc yet, and it fortunately doesn't feature him vomiting Big Macs.

In sticking with his plan, Spurlock even attaches a sponsor to the movie's title. Selling out never tasted so good!

Sell it:

"POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"

Opens Friday at the Gateway

3 1/2 stars out of 4