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Filled with steady laughs and insulting stereotypes about marriage-obsessed women, this flick is smarter and funnier than "The Hangover."

3.5 stars

"Cave of Forgotten Dreams"

Werner Herzog's documentary on the world's oldest known cave paintings is a wholly unique experience that proves 3D can be instrumental to a film's success.

4 stars

"Everything Must Go"

Will Ferrell delivers a nuanced performance about a relapsed alcoholic that's more "Leaving Las Vegas" than Frank the Tank.

3 stars

"Fast Five"

With action that's silly and exhilarating, this popcorn flick delivers what it should. Cars go vroom. Stuff goes boom.

3 stars


Josh Radnor's project proves his talent but is a little uneven - a few truly lovely moments mixed in with misfires - and occasionally too offbeat.

2.5 stars

"Hobo with a Shotgun"

This simple tale of a hobo on a mission is a true grindhouse flick - ultra-violent, humorously offensive and exploitative.

"Of Gods and Men"

The story of Christian monks living in northern Algeria during a terrorist attack against foreign workers is a tense, yet thoughtful film.

3.5 stars

"Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"

Morgan Spurlock's best documentary yet explores our advertisement-saturated culture in a thoughtful way without characterizing it as the downfall of Western civilization.

3.5 stars


So-so animation and a story that feels like a patchwork of Pixar tales means this movie never really takes flight.

2 stars

"Scream 4"

It took 11 years to make a reboot that's worse than the first three films - Wes Craven is slipping.

2.5 stars

"Something Borrowed"

Even with its flaws, this chick flick starring a delightful Ginnifer Goodwin and a one-dimensional Kate Hudson has enough laughs and entertainment value to even keep guys' interest.

3 stars


The indie superhero comedy starring Rainn Wilson has some rather funny moments, but it's ultimately too dark for its own good.

2.5 stars


It's a solid and entertaining superhero flick thanks to star Chris Hemsworth's ability to bounce between hammer-wielding heroics and deft humor.

3 stars