TV: The Killing's main suspects

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With four episodes of AMC's "The Killing" remaining, the main reason I'm still invested is to find out who killed Rosie Larsen. Now that Bennet Ahmed is no longer a suspect, here are my best guesses:

3. Belko Royce (Brendan Sexton III)

The criminal past and creepy nature are suspicious, but ultimately he's a red herring. Punching the rock is disturbing, but probably so he can take the fall for Stan.

2. Councilman Darren Richmond ( Billy Campbell)

He's too squeaky clean. And the murder has to be connected to the political stuff, right?

1. Rick Felder (Callum Keith Rennie)

Rick's been M.I.A. the past few episodes, and his engagement to the star, Sarah Linden, makes him a plausible culprit. Plus, Rennie is an incredibly versatile actor who can play lovable scamp, which we've seen, or downright scary guy, which (I predict) we will see soon.

Be suspicious:

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