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Can Taylor Lautner pull off action star in this action conspiracy flick? Methinks not.


Steven Soderbergh’s new film is a multifaceted look at the spread of a lethal virus. It’s like “Traffic” meets “Outbreak” ... only not quite as good as that sounds.

2.5 stars

“Crazy, Stupid, Love”

This film pairs romantic comedy cliches with indie film quirkiness, yet it’s successful thanks to a stellar cast and some clever dialogue.

3 stars

“The Debt”

A well-told thriller in the vein of last year’s “The Ghost Writer,” it tells the story of a secret operation to capture a Nazi war criminal.

3.5 stars


Almost absurdly brooding and oh-so-violent, the story of a Hollywood stunt driver (Ryan Gosling) who moonlights as a criminal is an expertly crafted art-house action flick with tender romance and visceral brutality.

4 stars

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”

There are thrills and laughs in the bittersweet ending to the beloved books’ big screen adaptation.

3.5 stars

“The Help”

Based on the best-selling novel, this film captures the racism and tensions in the South during the early ’60s, but it plays for laughs too much.

2.5 stars

“Horrible Bosses”

Leaving a job in this economy? That’s not an option. So Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman turn to Plan B in this darkly comedic romp: murdering one another’s bosses.

3 stars

“I Don’t Know How She Does It”

And I don’t care.

“Killer Elite”

Eh, Clive Owen, Jason Statham and Robert De Niro battling it out as super assassins could be kinda cool, right?

“The Lion King

Now you can watch Mufasa die in 3D. Disney is so cruel.

“One Day”

A ships passing-in-the-night romance tires an intriguing twist on the formula, but the results don't spark.

2 stars

“Our Idiot Brother”

Paul Rudd plays the idiot brother who pesters his three sisters after they each take him in following a short jail stint for selling weed to a uniformed cop.

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”

More shenanigans from those damn, dirty apes — this time with James Franco.