Staff Pick: Indie Grindhouse Midnight Madness

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Before we were watching movies on our “f---ing phones” as David Lynch so aptly put it, they were communal activities.

Well, at midnight Saturday at the Grandview Theatre, you get a chance to relive the experience of ’70s grindhouse cinema.

Indie Grindhouse Midnight Madness, presented by promoter Paul Bearer and Evolved Body Art, will screen some modern flicks with a gritty grindhouse aesthetic.

Features include “Degenerates Ink,” a bracingly gory tale of tattoo artists on a violent rampage, a la “The Devil’s Rejects,” and the creepy cautionary prostitution tale “Street Cleaner.”

Directors of both films will be on hand, as well as the lovely Dolls of Evolved. Oh, and the two-hour show costs a scant five bucks.

Grandview Theatre

Midnight, Saturday, Oct. 1

1247 Grandview Ave., Grandview