Movie review: Like Crazy

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“Like Crazy” is what my friends call a “Brad movie” — typically a sweet and/or angsty stew of over-romanticized love.

In fact, I jotted down a note summarizing it as “(500) Days of Closer” — a mishmash of two past “Brad movie” winners.

So, of course, I loved it. Will you? Read on.

Anna (Felicity Jones) is a British student studying at an unnamed university in Los Angeles. She meets Jacob (Anton Yelchin). They fall stupidly, ridiculously in love, as young people are prone to doing.

But when Anna, in a decision fogged by her new affections, overstays her student visa, soon immigration issues pull the lovers apart.

We view their relationship as it plays out — for better and worse — over the next several years.

“Like Crazy” will work if you can handle its two distinct tones.

As Anna and Jacob fall in love, we essentially get a well-executed montage of those adorable moments of adorable people doing adorable things. It can be a bit much to take if you aren’t into, well, love.

But it sets up a more complex turn — is this kind of love, by its very nature, fleeting? And are our lovers doomed to ever try to recreate it?

The leads are outstanding, and the range reminded me a bit of last year’s devastating “Blue Valentine.” If you like “Brad movies,” don’t miss.

"Like Crazy"

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3 1/2 stars out of 4