Movie review: The Muppets

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Here’s an important lesson, kids, just in time for the holiday season. Don’t get your hopes up.

My hopes were way up for “The Muppets.” I couldn’t help but be disappointed. It wasn’t a package of socks, but it wasn’t a Red Ryder BB gun.

Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) grows up obsessed with The Muppets, perhaps because — as is obvious to us but apparently not to those around him — he is one.

So when his (human) brother Gary (Jason Segel) plans a trip to L.A. with his lovely girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams), Walter tags along to see The Muppets Studio.

They find the studio in disrepair and about to be purchased by wealthy businessman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper). In order to save their studio, Kermit and the gang will have to raise $10 million in a telethon.

As your reboots go, it’s a fun idea. The people cast couldn’t be more likeable and adorable. And yet something wasn’t right.

It’s probably that the movie tries too hard to blend nostalgia while still being friendly to new kid audiences.

The jokes and the musical numbers all seem just a bit flat. And I kept expecting a cameo-filled finale that never really came.

It’s fun, and it’s definitely not commercialized blasphemy. But, c’mon, it’s Kermit. I had my hopes up.

"The Muppets"

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2 1/2 stars out of 4