New trailer alert: "Amazing Spider-Man" officially looks pretty sweet

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I admittedly found the idea of a Spider-Man reboot to be pretty unncessary. Sam Raimi's three Spidey movies were great on their own - the missteps of the third hardly negate that the second movie is just about perfect.

And, hey, I'm a Marc Webb fan, too. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely fawned over "(500) Days of Summer". And I think Andrew Garfield is terrific, too.

Nonetheless, I left this movie off my list of anticipated movies of 2012 if only because the first trailer just looked like it lacked heart - all video game effects, no real character.

This trailer changes that.

Not only are we seeing a little character development - in fact, it may appear the movie is (gasp!) willing to stray from the comic - but finally there's some acting in there! Garfield looks like he's up to give Tobey Maguire a run for his money. And Emma Stone? Well, what kind of heartless bastard doesn't like Emma Stone?

"The Amazing Spider-Man" opens July 3 of this year. Consider me stoked.