Add alcohol: 2012 Academy Awards Drinking Game

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This drinking game will liven the party up more than losing 40 pounds did Jonah Hill's career. Zing!

•Drink every time someone asks "Who are you wearing?" on the red carpet. That ought to get you started right.

• Take a shot and beat a dead horse if a red carpet commentator brings up Bjork's swan dress.

• Social for every Whitney Houston or Jeremy Lin reference.

• Drink and fake an orgasm every time Billy Crystal makes a bad joke.

• Shed one tear every time you wish Ricky Gervais was hosting.

• Do a shot of whiskey and curse under your breath each time you see an actress politely clap after not winning.

• Every time "War Horse" wins an award, pet the nose of the person to your left and feed them a sugar cube.

• Drink every time you think, "Man, I could use a drink!"

• Drink and fake-fart if Melissa McCarthy wins Best Supporting Actress for "Bridesmaids."

• Each time a winner's speech is played off by the orchestra, grab the drink out of the hand of the person at your right and steal a sip.

• Drink every time you confuse Meryl Streep with Glenn Close.

• Drink once for every Best Picture nominee you haven't seen. Drink twice for every nominee you haven't heard of.

• Drink and remember to call your mom every time a winner thanks a mother. She's worried sick, and you never call.

• Sneer and shotgun a Mickey's if the Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super Bowl commercial airs.

• Take a shot of Four Loko and jump on the couch every time Tom Cruise is shown staring down Katie Holmes.

• Take a drink of chartreuse and exclaim "Mon Dieu!" every time there's a reference to Jean Dujardin's Frenchness.

•Remove one article of clothing for each film you saw in the Best Costume Design category.

• Pour one out for Hollywood's dead homies during the Oscar death montage.