TV review: GCB

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Let’s get this out of the way. “GCB” is based on the book “Good Christian B----es,” but ABC didn’t want to push the envelope too far by having such an OMG title.

After a scandal costs Amanda (Leslie Bibb, best known for shakin’ then bakin’ as Ricky Bobby and Cal’s wife in “Talladega Nights”) her husband and lavish lifestyle, she’s forced to move back to Dallas and start over.

Moving in with her controlling, day-drinking mother Gigi (Annie Potts) would be bad enough if Amanda hadn’t been the ultimate mean girl in high school. Now the ruling class of Christian housewives, led by Carlene (Kristin Chenoweth), wants revenge.

ABC may have balked at the risque title, but there’s some fairly bold satire on the hypocrisy of good Christian types in “GCB.” If only it were funnier. Chenoweth and Potts are amusing, but I’m getting an overall “Desperate Housewives” vibe.


10 p.m. Sundays on ABC

2 stars