The List: Magic Mike and 10 memorable movie strippers

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

When Steven Soderbergh's male stripper movie "Magic Mike" - yes, starring Channing Tatum - arrives in theaters, it will finally bring a little needed equality to the female-centric world of movie strippers.

Some good, some bad (and many with a heart of gold), here are 10 of the most memorable ones.

10. Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance"

She's a maniac, maniac on the floor. And she's dancing like she never danced before.

9. Salma Hayek in "From Dusk Till Dawn"/"Dogma"

Both Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith took advantage of their "it director" moments by casting Hayek as a stripper/vampire and a stripper/muse.

8. Lindsay Lohan in "I Know Who Killed Me"

I know which movie killed your career.

7. Demi Moore in "Striptease"

Moore flaunting her Hollywood hot mom status at its peak, the movie even included an appearance by Moore's real-life daughter with Bruce Willis, Rumer.

6. Gillian Jacobs in "Choke"

The dark comedy adapted from the novel by "Fight Club" author Chuck Palahniuk was hit-and-miss, but "Community" star Jacobs is hysterical in her dry introduction. "I'm Cherry Daiquiri. It's not my real name."

5. Rose McGowan in "Planet Terror"

Director Robert Rodriguez (again) has McGowan doing a sexy dance over the opening credits of his half of the "Grindhouse" double-feature. When she loses her leg in a zombie-related accident and attaches a Gatling gun instead? Well, that's just badass.

4. Elizabeth Berkley in "Showgirls"

A role best explained by Greta Gerwig's title character in the new indie comedy "Lola Versus" (while on a stripper pole): "Jessie Spano was such a good girl. Why did she do it? The caffeine pills?"

3. The dudes of "The Full Monty"

Finally, an equal opportunity for male strippers! Sure, they're of the pudgy, working-class British variety, but we'll take what we can get!

2. Natalie Portman in "Closer"

This was a case of a young actress shedding her nice girl image, but her coldly detached striptease for Clive Owen is one of the most heartbreaking moments in a film full of them.

1. Marisa Tomei in "The Wrestler"

"The Wrestler" is still best remembered for Mickey Rourke's stellar comeback performance. Tomei deserved to be mentioned in the same breath.

"Magic Mike"

Opens Friday