The List: Top 10 old dudes

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With certified old man Clint Eastwood appearing in theaters this week as an aging baseball scout in “Trouble with the Curve,” we’re counting down our favorite old dudes ever.

10. Blue, “Old School”

You’re our boy, Blue.

9. Royal Tenenbaum

The patriarch of the Tenenbaum clan may have been responsible for more than his fair share of his family’s dysfunction, but the old dog learned some new tricks in his waning days.

8. Roger Murtaugh, “Lethal Weapon”

He may be the youngest old guy on this list, but he’s been too old for this s--- for years.

7. Grandpa Hoover, “Little Miss Sunshine”

Alan Arkin’s Grandpa stole the show in “Little Miss Sunshine” as the cantankerous old dude who was incredibly sweet to his granddaughter and gave sound relationship advice to his grandson. Maybe more grandpas should do heroin.

6. Hal Fields, “Beginners”

Christopher Plummer was the oldest person to win an Oscar for his heartwarming performance as an aging father with terminal cancer who comes out to his son.

5. Granddad Freeman, “The Boondocks”

Granddad wasn’t always patient with Huey and Riley, but he was wise enough to know you could turn the meanest white man into Mr. Rogers just by giving him a piece of cheese.

4. “Grumpy Old Men”

We couldn’t pick just one from this awesome collection of old farts. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are pure fun as the squabbling neighbors and Burgess Meredith’s old horndog is possibly the funniest character, especially in the outtakes.

3. Carl Fredricksen, “Up”

Can you watch the opening montage of Carl’s lifelong romance with his wife without straight-up crying? Yeah, neither can we.

2. Mickey Goldmill, “Rocky”

With Mickey in your corner, Apollo Creed doesn’t stand a chance because “You’re gonna eat lightning and you’re gonna crap thunder, kid!”

1. Abe Simpson, “The Simpsons”

No one tells an old man story like Grandpa Simpson. “I had an onion tied to my belt, which was the style at the time …"