Movie review: Trouble with the Curve

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At age 82, Clint Eastwood is embracing his old personhood in a number of ways, including talking to himself in public and endorsing Republicans.

With “Trouble with the Curve,” Eastwood plays to the Sunday matinee crowd and embraces old-man stereotypes, emitting grizzled grunts like so many farts.

The end result is a mishmash plot that’s part sports flick, part Lifetime movie. It only rises to the level of its considerable (and wasted) talents.

Eastwood plays Gus Lobel — how’s that for an old guy name? — a longtime scout for the Atlanta Braves whose diminishing eyesight is threatening his career. On what may be his last scouting trip, Gus is joined by his daughter, Mickey (Amy Adams).

Oh, there’s also a romance between Mickey and a young scout (Justin Timberlake) for good measure.

Movies that try the “little something for everyone” trick rarely pan out. This comes off part hokey sports tear-jerker (think “The Blind Side”), part pandering rom-com (think “Sweet Home Alabama”).

Even a doddering Eastwood has enough chops to make you wonder why he’s here. Adams and Timberlake are charming, if a bit lost.

On the story front, “Curve” is constantly tipping its pitches. The plot unfolds with eye-rolling predictability. I guess maybe old people like it that way.

"Trouble with the Curve"

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2 stars out of 4