The List: Top 10 things we would do if we could time-travel

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With the time-traveling sci-fi flick "Looper" hitting theaters this weekend, we started wondering what sort of fun we could get into with a time machine.

Get a pet dinosaur

Do we want a friendly dog-like dino like Dino from "The Flintstones" or a T-Rex to munch on our enemies? We don't know. We just know we want one.

Buy a hoverboard

Science has so far let us down in developing Marty McFly's floating skateboard from "Back to the Future: Part II" - probably because they wasted so much time on the Segway. Guess we'll have to go get our own.

Visit self on first day of third grade

Tell self to take extra pair of pants to school that day. Trust us on this one.

Witness the invention of beer

Then party with ancient Sumerians all night!

Yell at the damn dirty apes

And then chill with Charlton Heston for a beach picnic as the sun sets over the ruins of the Statue of Liberty.

Travel to next Tuesday to see what the weather's like

We have a thing in the afternoon, and who really trusts the weather report?

Go back in time and meet Han Solo

We know he lived a "long, long time ago." We just need directions to the galaxy far away.

Visit self in 50 years

Find out a) which one is really the "one who got away" and b) whether the Browns will ever win a Super Bowl.

Bitch-slap Edison

Say, "We're from the future. This is for Nikola Tesla."

Watch the end of the world as we know it while listening to R.E.M.