The List: 10 things we hope get teen romance treatment

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With “Warm Bodies” bringing undead romance to the box office, we can officially declare it: Zombies are the new vampires! Now we just need to figure out what the next zombies of teen romance fiction should be. Here are some nominees.


All that chaste “true love waits” stuff that was peppered through “Twilight”? Well, imagine horny teenagers if they couldn’t touch anything at all.


He had an invisibility cloaking device. She had acid in her veins. All they wanted was to kill … and to share their forbidden love.


“You don’t understand, Dad! You’re always, ‘Oooh, where’s me pot of gold?’ We are in love!”

Internet cats

French existentialist cat Henri was filled with ennui, and then he met Grumpy Cat. He turned her frown upside down … until a chance encounter with a young seductress named Lil Bub.


Chad was from the wrong side of the yard, but there was something about him Ben couldn’t resist. Their passion was so hot it threatened to melt them both.


He was a misunderstood cosmic deity with an octopus face whose return would bring about the end of the world. Then he met the Lady Cthulu of his dreams …


Mermaids? Meh. Give us a tale of a young man who falls in love with an amorphous sea blob. Love stings.


“We’ve been drifting apart, Harry. It’s like you don’t even exist.”


Teenage accountants in love in the height of tax season? It just adds up.


We’ve all dated one, right?