The List: Top 10 fictional bars

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Columbus Alive

In honor of our annual Bar Guide issue, we're ranking our favorite fictional watering holes. Bottoms up!

10. Bada Bing!

Tony Soprano's office was located in the back of this strip club. Mobsters routinely conducted business at Bada Bing!, pretty much oblivious to all the naked ladies there to remind us, "It's not TV. It's HBO."

9. Mos Eisley Cantina

The seedy bar from "Star Wars" was certainly no place for wide-eyed Luke Skywalker, but Han Solo seemed right at home conducting his business with Greedo there. And always remember, kids, Solo shot first.

8. The Gem Saloon

The infamous saloon from "Deadwood" owned by Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) is a den of iniquity (drinking, gambling, prostitution), but it's also an amusing place where you'd find Al soliloquizing to a severed Indian head in a box, or having an entire conversation with Wu via "c---sucka."

7. The Winchester

When the zombie apocalypse strikes in "Shaun of the Dead" there's only one place to have a nice cold pint and wait for this to all blow over. How's that for a nice slice of fried gold? Just beware of the juke - "It's on random!"

6. The Gold Room at the Overlook Hotel

Was the schmancy bar from "The Shining" just a product of Jack Torrance's increasing delusion? Probably, but when you're drinking alone it's always good to dream up an imaginary bartender. Just leave out the part about killing his family with an ax.

5. The Double Deuce

There's a certain thrill in being in a bar when a fight breaks out, but Patrick Swayze's Dalton from "Road House" knew how to clean up a joint. Remember, be nice. And pain don't hurt.

4. Korova Milk Bar

When you're one of the sociopathic thugs of "A Clockwork Orange" and you're looking for a place to sharpen up before a bit of the old ultra-violence, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

3. Cheers


2. Moe's Tavern

"The Simpsons" only really checked in at Moe's when Homer was there - or if Bart was making prank phone calls early in its run - but Moe "Yeah that's right, I'm a surgeon" Szyslak is one of the show's greatest characters. Plus, Moe's was a central focus in legendary episodes "Flaming Moe's" and "Bart Sells His Soul," where the bar is transformed into Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag.

1. Paddy's Pub

No regulars and rarely any customers - except for underage drinkers or when the Gang turns Paddy's into an "anything goes" bar complete with Vietnamese gamblers - and that's the beauty of it. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" wouldn't be the same if the Gang didn't have Paddy's, where there's always cold Coors Light, but unfortunately no room where a pirate lives.

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