Bonus List: 10 more fictional bars we love

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Columbus Alive

We had so much fun picking the Top 10 fictional bars this week, we just had to raise our glasses to ten more!

MacLaren's Pub

We're still waiting to find out how Ted met the title character of "How I Met Your Mother," but we know where he meets his friends. Wait for it ... wait for it ...

Bob's Country Bunker

The Blues Brothers know they're in for a tough crowd when the stage is surrounded with chicken wire to protect the band from flying beer bottles, but they win everyone over with a set of "Rawhide" and a spirited cover of "Stand By Your Man."

The Snakehole Lounge

Tom Havorford (Aziz Ansari) of "Parks & Recreation" created Pawnee, Indiana's sickest high-end exclusive V.I.P. nightclub! Just don't let the SnakeJuice bite you.

The biker bar in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"

Pee Wee's hunt for his bike brought him into this seedy bar. It seemed like trouble, but he danced his way out of it. "Tequila!"


Our favorite fake bar located in a chain movie theater ever!

The bowling alley bar

In "The Big Lebowski" the Dude, Walter and Donny are often seen sipping a couple drinks while expounding the virtues of Asian-American nomenclature, urine-soaked rugs and of course Vietnam. It also has a pretty good Sarsaparilla.

The Boar's Nest

The bar in "The Dukes of Hazzard" where Daisy worked - gotta love the dress code policy.

Kavanaugh's Irish Pub

Where Jimmy McNulty, Bunk and Lester Freeman would blow off steam after a hard day of chasing drug dealers and dealing with the feckless nature of the Baltimore police force on "The Wire." Also, a good place for a wake.

Rick's Café Americain

As a central setting in "Casablanca," this is one of the most iconic bars in the history of cinema. Play it again, Sam.

The Regal Beagle

Serving as Jack Tripper's favorite spot to pick up ladies on "Three's Company," The Regal Beagle wasn't exactly classy, but it is a really great name for a bar.