The List: Top 10 bikes ever

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With our bicycle-centric issue this week, we've decided to count down our 10 favorite bikes from pop culture.

10. Pedro's bike in "Napoleon Dynamite"

Pedro's Sledgehammer is awesome - "dang!" - and the best part in the movie is when Napoleon tries to take it off a sweet jump … very unsuccessfully. Although you could also make a case for Uncle Rico's steak-to-the-face that knocks Napoleon off his bike.

9. Dave's bike in "Breaking Away"

This 1979 gem features a recent Indiana high-school grad who dreams of competing with the Italian cycling teen.

8. Wilee's bike in "Premium Rush"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a no-brakes fixie fanatic in this surprisingly fun bike messenger adrenaline jolt.

7. Tommy Corn's bike in "I Heart Huckabees"

Mark Wahlberg turns in a great comedic performance as Tommy, the petroleum-hating bike rider with existential issues. Everyone knows a Tommy - obnoxious about his dedication to the environment and bikes - making for a wonderful bit of satire.

6. Andy's bike in "The 40 Year Old Virgin"

Andy (Steve Carell) is the epitome of the nerdy bike rider, but he does drop the fantastic pick-up line, "Hope you got a big truck because I'm going to put my bike in it."

5. The bike in Queen's "Bicycle"

"I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike!" belted Freddie Mercury in our favorite rock song bike plug. Honorable mention: "Bicycle" by The Wet Darlings.

4. Miss Gulch in "The Wizard of Oz"

You can't watch that scene without humming it. "Dun-dun-dun-dee-dee-dee. Dun-dun-dun-dee-dee-deeeee."

3. Michael Bluth's bike in "Arrested Development"

While all the other Bluths had their hand in the company piggy bank, Michael's altruism played out in his bike rides to work. In fairness, it's more fuel-efficient than the stair car. Plus, fewer hop-ons.

2. Eliot's bike in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"

"E.T." brings out the kid in all of us every time it's watched. Part of the reason is that final chase scene. What kid didn't want to run from the cops on his bike with an adorable alien riding in the front basket?

1. Pee-wee's bike in "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"

Pee-wee's adventure was a love story between a boy and his lost bike, showing that connection can run just as deep as a lost love. "It's not for sale, Fran-cis!"