Movie review: Sharp, smart "You're Next" the next great slasher flick

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Columbus Alive

It’s tough to find a more “been there, done that” genre than the slasher flick, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to reinvent the wheel. Or the bloody knife, as it were.

Next up to try is “You’re Next,” a great low-budget indie that gets the right mix of old-school scares and new-school self-awareness. It has rightly gotten comparisons to “Scream” in that regard.

The setup is hardly groundbreaking. A wealthy family has a reunion in an isolated cabin. Then people start dying.

But after a relatively paint-by-numbers setup, things get rolling with a chatty family dinner table scene that would feel at home in a Woody Allen flick. That is until one of the dinner participants takes an arrow to the head.

Also bringing “You’re Next” above the average is a badass female lead in Aussie Sharni Vinson. It’s such a refreshing reversal to see a female take charge during a siege.

The patient opening gives way to plenty of blood-splattered mayhem and a deft mix of scares and laughs — including a nominee for “movie line of the year” which I can’t print here.

“You’re Next” is probably a little too smart for those content with the latest “Saw,” and it’s hard getting serious filmgoers to take horror serious. But if you’re in the sweet spot for that mix, it’s a pure winner.

"You're Next"

Opens Friday

3 1/2 stars