The List: 10 greatest rivalries in pop culture

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Columbus Alive

With USA vs. Mexico dominating our cover and the pitch at Crew Stadium, we're counting down our favorite rivalries in the realm of pop culture.

10. Pepsi vs. Coke

Literally billions of dollars have been spent making sure you have a favorite in the "Cola Wars." And yet when you order Coke at a restaurant and they say, "We have Pepsi," you just shrug and say "Cool."

9. Oasis vs. Blur

A Nancy-boy feud between two Brit-pop outfits was largely the product of the English press and probably less intense than Oasis' own brother rivalry. But it was probably responsible for each band producing its best music in the '90s.

8. Ron Burgundy vs. Wes Mantooth

The rivals of "Anchorman" exchanged both physical and verbal attacks. "Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!" Let's leave mothers out of this, guys.

7. Star Wars vs. Star Trek

This once-passionate rivalry has cooled somewhat now that J.J. Abrams is at the helm of both franchises, but it used to define your place in nerdom.

6. Walt vs. Gus

Walt has made a number of enemies over the course of "Breaking Bad," but none more fearsome than Gus. The epic chess match of death that was Season 4 is the most viscerally intense television rivalry of all-time. And the culmination was most Heisenberg-ian - Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

5. Lucille Bluth vs. Lucille Austero

The "Arrested Development" Lucilles traded passive-aggressive barbs and competed for the love of Buster.

4. Rob Gordon vs. Ian

John Cusack's "High Fidelity" character was driven over the brink by his ex-girlfriend's pompous new beau. "Get your patchouli stink OUT of my store!"

3. Tupac vs. Biggie

These two legendary rappers became the lightning rod for the East Coast vs. West Coast battle. It may have resulted in great music, but sadly culminated in unnecessary violence that cost the world two great artists.

2. Rocky vs. Apollo

After nearing killing each other in two bouts, Rocky and Apollo finally earned each other's respect and reached a peace agreement to defeat the nefarious Clubber Lang. We still want to know how that final scene in "Rocky III" played out.

1. Good vs. Evil

This age-old battle permeates the arts and our very human nature, but we think it was best summed up by Dark Helmet in "Spaceballs": "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."