The List: Top 10 things to marathon on Netflix

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon takes place this weekend, and we know some of our readers aren't interested in physical activities. So here's a rundown of some great movies and TV series to marathon instead of running an actual marathon.

10. "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy

David Fincher tackled the first of authorStieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy for American audiences, but the original Swedish language film trilogy is superb. It's also brutal and exhausting, so this marathon requires endurance.

9. "Helvetica"/"Objectified"/"Urbanized"

Design geeks will totally, well, geek over director Gary Hustwit's films examining various aspect of design - font, object and urban, respectively - but even laymen will find this look fascinating.

8. "Friday Night Lights"

The best television sports drama of all time is also amazingly adept at navigating some emotional family storylines. Although, the second season is mostly subpar.

7. "Snuff Box"

You can get through this ultra-dark short-lived BBC sketch comedy show in a few hours. It's worth it. The comedic pairing of Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher is just brilliant, and you'll wish there were more than six episodes.

6. "Breaking Bad"

Sure, many of you have already run this emotional gauntlet, but for those of you who haven't - get to it! Just make sure to take a short break here and there for your mental stability.

5. "Sherlock"

BBC's modern-day Sherlock Holmes tale is six movie-length episodes of absolute cool. Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock and Martin Freeman's Watson are one of TV's best duos. Bonus reason: Netflix has the original British versions unedited by commercials rather than the shortened American-aired ones.

4. "Twin Peaks"

David Lynch's weird and wonderful foray into network television was so far ahead of its time it still feels edgy 20 years later. Added benefits of a marathon session: You can move more quickly through the series' minor dry spells.

3. "Arrested Development"

If you've seen it before, the tale of the Bluth clan is so full of recurring jokes and quotable lines, it gets better and better with each watching. If you've never seen it, you've made a huge mistake.

2. "30 for 30"

ESPN's fantastic documentary series focusing on some lesser known/more interesting sports stories is truly enthralling, minus a couple misses. Plus, if you're not going to be athletic, might as well watch something sports-related.

1. "Archer"/"Bob's Burgers"

There is no better way to spend hours on end on the couch than with the two funniest series currently on television. Each episode of both shows flies by with whip-smart humor and wackiness; you'll barely notice a dozen hours have passed. Plus, you can have fun dissecting H. Jon Benjamin's subtle voice inflection between Archer and Bob.