The best horror movies streaming on Netflix

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

Too scared to even leave the house? Here's a rundown of the best movies for Halloween currently streaming on Netflix.

In the mood for: A whip-smart movie that cleverly subverts the horror genre while simultaneously celebrating it.

Then check out: "The Cabin in the Woods" - co-written by geeklord Joss Whedon - was smart, funny and genuinely surprising. And who says there's nothing new on Netflix? This was my top movie of 2012.

Also recommended: "Scream"

In the mood for: A horror classic that paints a negative portrayal of motherhood.

Then check out: The remake is currently in theaters, but you can check out Brian De Palma's original 1976 "Carrie" to see Sissy Spacek's spooky turn as a girl who wreaks havok on her prom. Also, a terrifying young John Travolta.

Also recommended: "Rosemary's Baby"

In the mood for: Scares with subtitles.

Then check out: "Let the Right One In" is a different kind of vampire movie, and with its atmospheric chills and engaging story of young friendship, it may be the best one ever.

Also recommended: "The Host"

In the mood for: A horror-comedy that's more comedy.

Then check out: The comedy of errors of "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" is a glorious sendup of the conventions of the horror genre turned on their head. It's bloody, hilarious and bloody hilarious.

Also recommended: "Slither"

In the mood for: A real-life serial killer tale that gets under your skin.

Then check out: Aussie import "The Snowtown Murders" is grim and hard to watch, but if you're looking for true horror of the human condition and not just adrenaline jolts, it's worth the squirm.

Also recommended: "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer"

In the mood for: A new classic of old-school horror.

Then check out: Director Ti West's "The House of the Devil" feels like a throwback to the babysitter horror staples of the '80s in all the right ways. His love for what he's paying homage to is evident, and the results are the best thing this side of "Halloween."

Also recommended: "The Innkeepers"

In the mood for: Something cool and creepy to play in the background at a Halloween party.

Then check out: The original vampire movie, 1929's silent classic "Nosferatu," is perfect for some atmosphere that won't pull people away from the party.

Also recommended: "The Evil Dead"