Delightfully Disgusting: Horror's Most Offensive Films

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As a self-proclaimed gore-whore, I like to pride myself on being able to stomach the most greusome of slasher films. Typically for me, the more torture the better. Disembowled? Fabulous. Amateur dental work? Even better. As a genre, horror is constantly upping the anti on blood and body counts to draw crowds. Even so, for those of us who aren't easily impressed, most horror movies have become disappointingly predictable. But every once in a while, you come across a gem that is so over-the-top in both concept and execution (see what I did there?) you can't help but feel a renewed faith in the twisted minds of the human race. With that-- here are my top five favorite outlandishly extreme horror movies.

5. "Salo or 120 Days of Sodom" - Pier Paolo Pasolini Though Pasolini's film was originally banned, the story wasn't his at all... Talk about killing the messanger. The infamous libertine Marquis de Sade (the namesake of Sadism) is responsible for this tale of sexual deprevaty and sadistic torture.

Four statesmen round up a slew of underagers to rape and brutalize in a secluded chateau over the course of 120 days. Even with out the advanced special effects of newer movies, this gem from the 70s is bound to piss you off and gross you out. The special use of brownie mix will change your mind about desserts forever.

4. "The Human Centipede II Full Sequence" -Tom Six A-to-M notwithstanding, the first installment of Tom Six's trilogy isn't nearly as shocking as he promised. The tale of a psychotic surgeon connecting three people at by their digestive tracts has the potential to be the gnarliest thing in recent memory, but in execution, once you get your centipede... the rest is pretty disappointing.

It turns out Six was just using the first movie to set up the framework for the far more revolting sequel. The Human Centipede II follows the creepy hobbit-like protagonist Martin Lomax as played by Laurence R. Harvey. The sweat-covered, mentally incompetant Lomax lives with his mother and fetishizes over the first Human Centipede movie, planning to one day make his own. The transition from the "professional" surgeon of the original movie, and the "amateur" surgeon Lomax in the sequel, allows Six to get even more depraved... And he does. Laxatives, staples, and graphic child birth make The Human Centipede II my number four.

3."Martyrs"- Pascal Laugier After being kidnapped and tortured as a child, Lucie is out for revenge and employs her friend Anna to help. Anna later learns that the kidnappers intentions were to learn secrets of the afterlife by torturing people in order to make them "martyrs." As you can imagine... there is no shortage of gore. Do the words "flayed ailve" mean anything to you?

2. "August Underground" --Fred Vogel There isn't much plot here, but FX maestro Fred Vogel pulls all the stops on this blood fest. I actually couldn't get through all of it and almost barfed once. Enough said.

1. "A Serbian Film" --Srdjan Spasojevic Director Srdjan Spasojevic's first feature film tops the list. But not for it's unbelievable gore (don't worry, it's plenty gory) but more for its insanely taboo subject matter. A retired porn star agrees to do an art film to get secure enough cash to leave the business forever, but as filming progresses, he finds it's actually a snuff film. Necrophilia, sadism, incest and baby rape (yes, baby rape) make this my number one most disgusting movie of all time. If you don't have a high tolerance level for all things awful, do yourself a favor and rent "Love, Actually" instead.