The List: Top 10 underrated dogs in pop culture

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With the same famous dogs hogging the limelight — Snoopy, Scooby-Doo, Pluto, etc. — we decided to dig a little deeper and find the unsung dogs who deserve to move up in the ranks. The underdogs, if you will.

10. Droopy

Droopy never gets a lot of recognition, and everybody always forgets that this meek, deadpan dog was incredibly strong.

9. Slink from “Toy Story”

Slink was Woody’s most loyal friend and often helped toys out of a jam with his extendable midsection. Little known fact: Jim Varney — Ernest! — voiced Slink in the first two “Toy Story” films and was replaced by lifelong friend Blake Clark (Drew Barrymore’s father in “50 First Dates”) for the third.

8. Arthur from “Beginners”

The Jack Russell from this lovely 2010 movie got second-billing to Uggie from “The Artist” that year, but we’ll take Arthur’s insightful subtitled advice like, “Tell her the darkness is about to drown us unless something drastic happens right now.”

7. “Terriers”

This is the best television show no one watched. The FX series, about down-and-out private investigators, was extremely low-rated and cancelled after one season. Check it out on Netflix because the writing is brilliant and the chemistry between the leads (Donal Logue, Michael Raymond-James) is fantastic.

6. Celine from "Summer Heights High"

Chris Lilley’s brilliant Australian mockumentary series — which found a cult following on HBO — had the comedian playing three characters, but it was overzealous drama teacher Mr. G’s Chihuahua that stole our hearts.

5. Buck from "Married … With Children"

As Al Bundy’s only outlet for happiness, Buck surely deserved more recognition. Or maybe the Bundys could have just fed him more.

4. Vincent from "Lost"

With all the crazy stuff that went down on that island, the only reassuring constant were sightings of Walt’s golden labrador retriever. Vincent also may have been the only character who liked Jack.

3. Einstein from "Back to the Future"

I mean, time-travelling dog. C’mon.

2. Wilfred

If you like Brian on “Family Guy,” you’re going to love Wilfred on his titular FX series. A man (Elijah Wood) sees his neighbor’s dog as a foul-mouthed, bong-smoking Aussie in a dog suit. It’s basically Brian, but on waaaay more drugs.

1. Baxter from "Anchorman"

The only thing Ron Burgundy loves more than himself is his “little gentleman” who managed to eat a whole wheel of cheese and poop in the refrigerator. We’re not even mad. That’s amazing.