Scene from Johnny Knoxville's "Bad Grandpa" filmed in Grandview diner

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Have you ever competed in a farting competition at Paul's Fifth Avenue in Grandview? No? Johnny Knoxville has. And he filmed it.

The Jackass alum filmed scenes from his new movie, "Bad Grandpa," in the Grandview landmark. Much like the rest of his movies, the patrons had mixed reviews.

"Some people thought it was hilarious, other people were really upset and said they'd never come back," Paul's Fifth Ave. chef Eric Fladen said in a phone interview last Sunday night. "But I thought it was cool. Things like that don't happen every day."

According to Fladen, he received a call in June 2012 from Hollywood producers asking to shoot part of an undisclosed feature length film in the restaurant.

"[The producers] said they found us on the internet, and might want to shoot parts of a movie in the diner and would pay us to do the scene," Fladen said. "But before they'd give us any info, we had to sign a non-disclosure form. Keeping my mouth shut was the hardest part."

After visiting the location, producers decided Paul's was the place for them, and began preparing for the scene.

"They said our location was just what they were looking for. Prior to shooting they would have teams of people come in and have lunch to check out different camera angles. They also had to install some hidden cameras throughout the place," Fladen said. "I kept having to tell everyone we were just remodeling. The staff knew nothing about it."

As the story line goes, Knoxville comes in with his "grandson" and sits in the back of the diner. The kid passes gas and Knoxville reciprocates, quickly turning the situation into a farting contest. Then (of course) Knoxville blows out "a brown, viscous liquid" onto the wall, and the pair run out of the restaurant.

Okay, maybe not an Academy Award winning plot line, but fun nontheless.

"[The brown viscous liquid] was fake of course," Fladen said. "They came in and told people it was part of a movie immediately afterwards. But [while it was happening] people were genuinely freaked out."

Fladen admittedly isn't a huge fan of "Jackass," but he plans to catch "Bad Grandpa".

"I've never seen an entire 'Jackass' movie," Fladen said. "So this will be the first one I watch all the way through since my restaurant is part of it."

And for everyone's sake, leave the farting competitions to the professionals.

Check out Paul's Fifth Avenue at 1565 W. Fifth Ave., Grandview.