The List: Top 10 platonic couples

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Columbus Alive

Sleigh Bells vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Edward Miller have been making beautiful noise-pop together for years. Their visit to the Newport this Saturday has us looking at some of the great platonic working relationships in pop culture. Yes, you can just be friends.

10. Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Benes

Once upon a time, the two "Seinfeld" characters did date, but for the run of the show they were purely pals who talked openly about each other's love lives and … nothing.

9. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Harry's pal Ron ended up with Hermione, but they were always destined to remain the best of wizard friends.

8. Veronica Mars and Wallace Fennel

Throughout "Veronica Mars" the titular character had a number of platonic relationships, but Wallace was always her closest and most reliable bud.

7. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of The Kills

The past decade has more than its share of guy-girl musical two-pieces (The White Stripes, Crystal Castles, Phantogram, The Ting Tings, etc.), but our favorite is probably the most smoldering. They make beautiful music together.

6. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen

The "Portlandia" duo have such great comedic chemistry that even David Letterman asked them if they were an item. Only onscreen, where they play every variation of couples, including the gender-reversed Nina and Lance. "Cacao!"

5. Howard Stern and Robin Quivers

For more than 30 years, these two have dominated the airwaves with the groundbreaking morning radio show. Howard and Robin's relationship works so well because he makes her funnier and she makes him less of a prick.

4. Andy Millman and Maggie Jacobs

The struggling actor from Ricky Gervais' brilliant HBO series "Extras" was, like many Gervais characters, not terribly likable. Except, of course, when he was with Ashley Jensen's Maggie, the warmest on-set platonic friendship you will ever see.

3. Charlotte and Bob

The characters played by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" found a connection in their unsettled lives. We still don't know what Bob whispers to Charlotte at the end, but we hope it didn't ruin a beautiful friendship.

2. Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson

Ron may not like loud noises, people making a fuss and especially celebrating because they know a piece of private information about him. But he loves how Leslie celebrates his birthday - a private room with a steak, whiskey and his favorite movie - which surely let him know he had a friend for life.

1. Don Draper and Peggy Olson

"Mad Men" is often a series examining the emptiness of human existence, but there's also Don and Peggy to give it a soul. The two have a difficult relationship, but there's also a platonic love that may be Don's only salvation.