Gift Guide: Gifts for the movie buff

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

Help fund the Roger Ebert documentary, $25

Director Steve James ("Hoop Dreams") is crowd-funding his planned documentary about one of the most beloved movie lovers ever, late film critic Roger Ebert. Donors will even get to stream the finished film online before its theatrical release. It's a great tribute ... and a great gift. (search for "Life Itself")

Roku, starts at $49.99

If your favorite movie lover is still watching streaming services like Netflix or Hulu on his/her laptop, get them this little wonder box that will let them watch movies like a civilized adult, not a college co-ed. It's worth it for the remote alone.

Sharp Aquos 90-inch 3D TV, $10,999.99

I don't really advocate 3D televisions, but if you ever want to recreate the experience of "Gravity" in a theater, you're gonna have to go big if you want to go home (or just see it in the theater before it's gone, dummy).

Gateway Film Center membership, $29.95 per month

Going to see a movie in a theater is still an unrivaled experience, but it can really add up. If you know someone who's a real movie junkie, the Gateway Film Center offers a monthly membership that gets you unlimited movies and unlimited popcorn and more.

The Wes Anderson Collection, $40

This expansive look at all seven films by the director is full of essays, behind-the-scene photos and, above all, the sense of quirk and whimsy that runs through Wes Anderson films. Any Anderson fan would love it.

Roger Ebert: AP photo/Buena Vista Television

Gateway: Dispatch file photo

Wes Anderson/Sharp Aquos: Courtest of Amazon

Roku: Brad Keefe photo