The List: Top 10 Top 10 lists of 2013

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Well folks, these are the 10 Top 10 Lists you liked the most over the last year. If you don't like them, you only have yourselves to blame.

10. Top 10 platonic couples

There's something about having a friend of the opposite sex that's not sexual. There's an honesty and perspective that makes the relationship stronger. These couples covered everything from musicians (Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of The Kills) to celebrities (Howard Stern and Robin Quivers), but it was mainly dominated by television characters where these types of relationships get the proper room to grow. Hence, Don Draper and Peggy Olson earning the No. 1 slot.

9. 10 worst things about hippies

In honor of Comfest, we came up with the 10 worst things about hippies. How we settled on only 10 was a miracle. Why patchouli?! Why?

8. Top 10 traditional Thanksgiving dishes


7. Top 10 Ohio State football scandals

These spanned from the ridiculous (Lydell Ross using fake stripper bucks) to the sad (John Cooper's record against that state up north). And one that was just awesome (Woody Hayes dropping a chokehold on a Clemson D-bag). Let's see if Urban (and the underachieving Bucks) can match that intensity in the 2014 Orange Bowl.

6. 10 worst beer names ever

It's pretty hard to make beer unappealing, but these actually do it. And for the last time, hop puns are more cliché than brewers with beards. Stop it!

5. Top 10 stoner movies

Duuuuuude …

4. Top 10 things to marathon on Netflix

You haven't watched "Breaking Bad" yet?! (Brad, I'm speaking directly to you.)

3. 10 topical Halloween costumes to avoid for 2013

After reading this I had to re-think my Miley Cyrus costume - which was awesome! - and then my back up, Selena Gomez in "Spring Breakers." I look great in a bikini and/or flesh-colored underwear.

2. The 10 worst words that aren't "moist"

Slacks, bro, irregardless, whom, schnapps, crotch, lover/coitus, supposably, panties and Nickelback are officially banned from humanity's lexicon. Especially crotch.

1. 10 must-see documentaries currently on Netflix

Because Netflix sucks about actually recommending good stuff. You're welcome.