Central Ohio film critic awards honor "Gravity" (and James Franco in "Spring Breakers")

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Columbus Alive

The annual awards from the Central Ohio Film Critics Association (COFCA) were announce last night at a private gathering at The Jury Room. And, once again, the results made me pretty damn proud to be a member.

Best Film (and Best Director and Best Cinematography) went to "Gravity" (a very close No. 2 on my Top 10 of 2013), and my personal favorite movie of the year, the indie "Short Term 12" won for Best Overlooked Film.

In the acting categories, Chiwetel Ejiofor ("12 Years a Slave") took Best Actor, while Adèle Exarchopolous won Best Actress for her amazing performance in "Blue Is the Warmest Color" (a performance that shouldn't be overshadowed by the film's sex scenes, by the way).

Jennifer Lawrence won Best Supporting Actress for teaching us all the dangers of putting metal in the science oven in "American Hustle,"and, in my personal favorite moment of the evening, James Franco won Best Supporting Actor for "Spring Breakers" ... I'm not sure if the studio's "Consider This Shit" campaign affected COFCA voters, but it's undeniable that he was the MVP of that (devicive) movie. Don't act so 'spicious, y'all.

As a body, COFCA voted pretty close to my own picks in most categories, and (pardon the self-congratulation) I think this group defies the Midwest expectation with some legitmately edgy picks. I mean, look at this list of past Best Picture winners:

  • 2002: Punch-Drunk Love
  • 2003: Lost in Translation
  • 2004: Million Dollar Baby
  • 2005: A History of Violence
  • 2006: Children of Men
  • 2007: No Country for Old Men
  • 2008: WALL·E
  • 2009: Up in the Air
  • 2010: Inception
  • 2011: Drive
  • 2012: Moonrise Kingdom

I stand by most of those (and they're pretty much all better picks than the Academy, in my book).

Here's a complete list of COFCA 2013 winners:

Best Film

1. Gravity

2. Her

3. American Hustle

4. Frances Ha

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

6. 12 Years a Slave

7. Inside Llewyn Davis

8. Before Midnight

9. Upstream Color

10. Nebraska

Best Director

Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity

Runner-up: Spike Jonze, Her

Best Actor

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave

Runner-up: Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Actress

Adèle Exarchopolous, Blue is the Warmest Color (La vie d'Adèle)

Runner-up: Brie Larson, Short Term 12

Best Supporting Actor

James Franco, Spring Breakers

Runner-up: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Runner-up: Lupita Nyong'o, 12 Years a Slave

Best Ensemble

American Hustle

Runner-up: The Wolf of Wall Street

Actor of the Year (for an exemplary body of work)

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club, Mud, and The Wolf of Wall Street

Runner-up: Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Breakthrough Film Artist

Adèle Exarchopolous, Blue is the Warmest Color (La vie d'Adèle) (for acting)

Runner-up: Brie Larson, Don Jon, Short Term 12, and The Spectacular Now (for acting)

Best Cinematography

Emmanuel Lubezki, Gravity

Runner-up: Hoyte Van Hoytema, Her

Best Adapted Screenplay

Terence Winter, The Wolf of Wall Street

Runner-up: John Ridley, 12 Years a Slave

Best Original Screenplay

Spike Jonze, Her

Runner-up: Destin Daniel Cretton, Short Term 12

Best Score

Arcade Fire, Her

Runner-up: Steven Price, Gravity

Best Documentary

The Act of Killing

Runner-up: Stories We Tell

Best Foreign Language Film

The Wind Rises (Kaze tachinu)

Runner-up: Blue is the Warmest Color (La vie d'Adèle)

Best Animated Film

The Wind Rises (Kaze tachinu)

Runner-up: Frozen

Best Overlooked Film

Short Term 12

Runner-up: Mud