Four of the five Best Documentary 2014 Oscar nominees are streaming on Netflix

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Columbus Alive

"The Act of Killing"

Netflix takes an unfair amount of "there's nothing good on" flak, but there's no questioning the streaming service's commitment to documentaries.

Case in point: Netflix recently added the Oscar-nominated documentary about the Egyptian revolution, "The Square" to its streaming lineup - coincidentally, the same weekend it was released in theaters. Netflix is also the U.S. distributor of the film.

Other nominees for the 2014 Best Documentary Oscar are already on Netflix Instant include the Central Ohio Film Critics Association's pick for the top doc of the last year, "The Act of Killing."

There's also "Cutie & the Boxer":

And "Dirty Wars":

The only nominee not currently on Netflix is the backup singer doc, "20 Feet From Stardom." (It's available for rent on iTunes and Amazon, though.)

So there you go. Four bona fide Oscar nominees streaming now. Pick your favorite.