The List: Top 10 fictional drug dealers

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With rapper (and former drug dealer) Pusha T rolling into the Newport Friday, we're counting down our 10 favorite fictional pushers.

10. Lance, "Pulp Fiction"

Vincent Vega's bathrobe-wearing heroin dealer (played by Eric Stoltz) has a pretty good life full of cereal-eating and television-watching … until his customer brings an overdose victim back to his living room.

9. Big Worm, "Friday"

Playin' with Big Perm, I mean Big Worm's money is like playin' with his emotions.

8. Ricky Fitts, "American Beauty"

When Ricky wasn't artfully filming plastic bags being tossed by the wind, he was dealing government-grade weed to his suburban neighbors.

7. Tony Montana, "Scarface"

Al Pacino's iconic turn in "Scarface" is one for the ages, setting the standard for opulent, self-aggrandizing dealers and giving rappers endless reference points. Plus his line, "It's OK, another Quaalude, she gonna love me again," is drug-dealer romanticism at its finest.

6. Jay & Silent Bob, "Clerks"

The lovable corner weed dealers from "Clerks" became the breakout stars of the Kevin Smith universe. "Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts."

5. Jabba the Hutt, "Return of the Jedi"

Screw Scarface. This intergalactic drug kingpin had his own Rancor, motherf---er.

4. Nancy Botwin, "Weeds"

Mary Louise-Parker's performance as the suburban pot-dealing mom was one of television's greatest characters of all-time - even if Nancy was kind of a terrible dealer, and the show went off the rails toward its conclusion.

3. Marlo Stanfield, "The Wire"

The seminal HBO series featured a number of illustrious and charismatic drug dealers (Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale), but Marlo was dedicated to the corner like no one else. He was ruthless, power-hungry and methodic about his work, probably because he loved it so much.

2. Saul Silver,"Pineapple Express"

James Franco's stoner/dealer proves to be a loyal friend who's there when stuff goes down. And he's only dealing so he can put his bubbeh in a nice retirement home.

1. Walter White, "Breaking Bad"

No other drug dealer produced and peddled a product as quality as Heisenberg's blue meth. As The One Who Knocks so succinctly put it, "It's grade-school tee-ball vs. the New York Yankees. Yours is just some tepid off-brand, generic cola. What I'm making is classic Coke … say my name!" Side note: Although he'd never admit it, Walt would've never been able to do what he did without the help of his sidekick Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).