Staff Pick: 24-Hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

I've spent a lot of time in a movie theater in my life, but only once did I ever spend 24 hours straight. It involves a level of mind-over-body endurance, but eventually the sleep deprivation makes the movies take on a new life.

This weekend the annual 24-Hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon invades the Drexel. (My marathon was a horror marathon at the now defunct Drexel North.) And the event has a lineup that promises to be particularly mind-bending when the fatigue sets in.

Headlining the whole affair is a restored version of Fritz Lang's visionary 1927 classic, "Metropolis." Years ahead of its time, seeing this on the big screen will be a rare treat.

Also on hand, Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken shows just how badass an eye patch can be in John Carpenter's 1981 "Escape from New York." "Akira" from 1988 was the high-water mark in Japanese anime when it came out, and it's still relevant. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a deadly TV game show in "The Running Man," and Alex Cox's punk classic "Repo Man" will also be screened.

All told, the price of admission ($40 at the door) gets you 12 feature films (that's just over $3 a movie), plus trailers and shorts, a costume contest and the camaraderie of surviving a night with strangers.

24-Hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon

12 p.m. Saturday, March 15 to 12 p.m. Sunday, March 16

Drexel Theatre

2254 E. Main Street, Bexley