The List: Top 10 X-Men Characters

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Fanboys are extraordinarily excited for the opening of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" this weekend, and rightly so - it's one of the best storylines the series has ever done. (Side note: When do we get an "Age of Apocalypse" movie?) We thought a rundown of our favorite muties would be a good way to prep for the movie.

10. Rogue

Being able to absorb the powers of any mutant through mere touch is sweet. Unfortunately it also comes with a life of celibacy, which makes Rogue probably the most tormented character on this list. Can't a girl just get laid?

9. Sabertooth

As Wolverine's most vicious nemesis, Sabertooth is the most brutal character on this list. He's basically Anton Chigurh with claws in lieu of a cattle gun. (And let's all just forget Sabertooth's Darth Vader attempt on Wolverine from the '90s.)

8. Cable

The best X-character from the '90s is also the only good thing to ever come out of Scott Summers. Yes, Cyclops sucks.

7. Beast

Brains and brawn make this original X-Man timeless. Also blue, so blue!

6. Psylocke

Ninja combined with telepathic powers = not to be f---ed with. She's one of the most underrated characters from the series.

5. Wolverine

Yes, he's a super badass - and one of the all-time classic comic book characters - who's just a straight-up brawler spewing angst. It's no wonder Wolverine has been the breakout X-Man. He's still got stupid hair, though.

4. Nightcralwer

Normally I'm not a fan of the priesthood, but Kurt Wagner gets approval for being a standup dude. BAMF! That is all.

3. Gambit

The X-Men's classic rogue is full of charisma and wit (with a Cajun accent to boot), but he's also no slouch when it comes to ass-kicking. Here's hoping the recently announced solo Gambit movie doesn't turn out as crappy as that Wolverine one. Casting Channing Tatum as Gambit isn't a good sign though.

2. Magneto

As the X-Men's most steadfast nemesis - appearing as the villain in the first issue and being a crucial part of the series' best storylines - and fleshing Magneto out with a gripping backstory and complex outlook on human-mutant relations, one could argue he's the greatest of all-time. Plus, he even ripped the Adamantium off Wolverine's bones.

1. Jean Grey

Simply put, Jean Grey is pure awesome. Her unstoppable telekinesis makes Jean the most powerful character in the X-verse, and the many enthralling storylines (The Dark Phoenix Saga being a standout) give her character wonderful depth. Here's looking at you, red.

Photo courtesy of Marvel