The List: Top 10 bells

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

We're ringing in next week's appearance of the Danger Mouse/James Mercer project Broken Bells at the LC by counting down our favorite bells ever!

10. The Liberty Bell

Who cares if it's cracked - history, bitches!

9. Bell's Brewery

People go insane for their seasonal Hopslam (sometimes literally), but we still love old standby Two Hearted Ale (and the fish on the bottle).

8. Bell Biv Devoe

Never trust a big butt and a smile.

7. Taco Bell

Move this up in the rankings if it's late at night and you're drunk. Move this off the rankings altogether if it's the next day. But we have to admit, the Doritos taco idea was pretty ingenious.

6. Cowbell

We need more cowbell jokes.

5. Alexander Graham Bell

Thanks to Bell's life-changing invention of the iPhone, we have the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting and more right at our fingertips.

4. Belle & Sebastian

Barry from "High Fidelity" and his Monday morning mixtape are wrong. The Scottish indie pop group does not, in fact, suck ass.

3. The recess bell

The greatest sound from the school day was also the worst sound from the school day, depending on whether recess was beginning or ending.

2. "Saved By the Bell"

There was no better way to spend Saturday mornings than with the students - only the six cool ones - of Bayside High. Making the show even better in hindsight is the lecherous (ew, Screech) and scandalous roles many of the cast took on in adulthood. Except for Mario Lopez, because he's a rebel … and an asshat.

1. Kristen Bell

We don't care if you love her from "Frozen" or from "Veronica Mars" or from that sloth video. Just as long as you love her. We do.