Movie review: "Dead Snow 2" gleefully dispenses with more Nazi zombies

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I’d like to take a second to publicly thank Jerod Brennen, my friend since high school who first made me watch Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead 2” (on VHS, no less). And I’d like to personally recommend “Dead Snow 2: Dead vs. Red” to Jerod and anyone else who enjoys this sentiment.

“Evil Dead 2” was an introduction to “splatterstick,” an over-the-top vein of horror film that plays for blood-soaked laughs. And the sequel to the Norwegian tale of resurrected zombie Nazis “Dead Snow” ups the ante on the absurd premise.

“Dead vs. Red” opens with a concise recap by the first film’s lone survivor Martin (Vegar Hoel). “We were drinking, having fun, and then an army of Nazi zombies showed up … I know it sounds cliché.”

“Dead Snow 2” pays so much homage to “Evil Dead 2,” it has more in common with it than the actual “Evil Dead” reboot. Like Bruce Campbell’s iconic Ash, Martin loses an arm (and ends up with one with a mind of its own). Blood and intestines fly. One-liners are quipped.

Then “Dead Snow 2” introduces another layer of geekery by calling in a nerdy trio of American zombie aficionados called the zombie squad (led by Martin Starr of “Freaks and Geeks”).

Director Tommy Wirkola goes English-language for the sequel and ups the production and the inventive zombie killing. Hoel’s Martin is a blend of humor and heroism that would make Bruce Campbell proud.

And if you think watching zombies die is fulfilling, try Nazi zombies. This is the camp horror movie of the year.

"Dead Snow 2: Dead vs. Red"

Opens Friday at the Gateway

3 stars out of 4