The List: Top 10 pop-culture creeps

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Jake Gyllenhaal gives a powerful performance as an amoral freelance crime reporter in "Nightcrawler," which got us thinking about other creeps. Here's a rundown of the jerks you always hated - thankfully they're not real.

10. Hal 9000

There's something inherently creepy about a murderous, soulless machine. And that voice - shudder.

9. The McPoyles

The incestuous family - and chief rival of The Gang - on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is downright creepy. And why are they always so damn sweaty?

8. Begbie

It's not like anyone in "Trainspotting" is actually a good person, but man, this guy is a complete sadist. And he doesn't even have a heroin addiction to use as an excuse.

7. Sid

Sometimes you can just tell which kids are going to grow up to be sociopaths, and Sid in "Toy Story" was clearly headed down a path that ends with a collection of children's shoes in his basement.

6. Prince Humperdinck

Look, Humperdinck is by far the worst guy in "The Princess Bride" - yes, even more so than a sniveling Fred Savage - because he doesn't even have the honor to fight his own battles. Plus, what kind of name is Humperdinck?

5. Captain Vidal

This malevolent bastard was actually more frightening than that thing with eyeballs in his hands in "Pan's Labyrinth."

4. Johnny Lawrence

Look, we all can admit that Daniel-son was pretty annoying in "The Karate Kid," but that Johnny dude was an ass.

3. Nurse Ratched

Nope. Eff her!

2. Walter Peck

Every time this a-hole pops up on screen in "Ghostbusters," you just get immensely agitated. Played by William "I've got the most punch-able face in history" Atherton, who was also a huge creep in "Die Hard."

1. Ricky Fitts

This pretentious weirdo from "American Beauty" had only one redeeming quality and that was being a drug dealer. And no - just no! - that stupid plastic bag is not the most beautiful thing in the world.