New movie releases in Columbus for the weekend of December 5

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Columbus Alive

New this week

“The Pyramid”

Nothing says the holidays quite like an archeological horror film! A team opens an ancient pyramid with expected results. Recommended if you are still afraid of the dark.

“The Homesman”

A tough frontierswoman (Hilary Swank) saves less-tough frontierswomen with some help from a drifter (Tommy Lee Jones, who also directs). Opens Friday at the Drexel.

“Low Down”

Elle Fanning (Dakota’s more talented sister) and the always-great John Hawkes portray a teenage girl and her heroin-addicted musician father. Opens Friday at the Gateway.

Alive recommends


If you’re reading this on Thursday, put down the paper and go see this before it closes. Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons are amazing as a young drummer and his tough instructor.