Other new movie releases for January 30

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

“The Loft”

A group of wealthy douchebags share a downtown loft as Hookup Central, but a woman turns up dead there, and they turn on one another. This tale of infidelity and paranoia stars James Marsden.

“Black Sea”

Jude Law plays a rogue submarine captain in search of lost treasure in this thriller directed by Kevin Macdonald of “Last King of Scotland” fame.

“Project Almanac”

A Michael Bay-produced (yay!) found-footage (oh, joy!) movie about a group of teens (duh!) who find a mysterious device that wrinkles the fabric of time. This will probably make a depressing amount of money this weekend.

“Wild Card”

A remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds action thriller “Heat,” it stars Jason Statham as a character named (I am not making this up) Nick Wild.

“Black or White”

Kevin Costner plays a widower who finds himself in a custody battle over his granddaughter. Oscar nominee Octavia Spencer (“The Help”) co-stars