The List: All the Feels: Every emotion ranked from worst to best

Brad Keefe
"Inside Out"

72. Worry

It's that rare combination of an emotion that's both cripplingly powerful and utterly worthless.

71. Shame

Particularly that of the religious variety.

70. Suffering

Although some people sure seem to enjoy it.

69. Annoyance

There's a lot of great "negative" feelings, but this one ranks so low on the scale, like, what's the point?

68. Embarrassment

Because no one can make you feel as awkward as you.

67. Despair

It's the absence of hope, which you will see much higher on this list.

66. Envy

You can't always get what you want.

65. Anguish

Some of the members of the Sad Family have benefits, but this one is pretty much just pain.

64. Contempt

If you think you're better than someone that probably means you aren't.

63. Apathy

That weird emotion that is really just the lack of better ones.

62. Hysteria

What happens when emotions fly off the rails. Also a great Def Leppard album.

61. Hostility

What's your problem, bro?

60. Frustration

I have an ex-girlfriend who pronounced this "fustration," which was, in and of itself, pretty frustrating.

59. Depression

It really is the worst feeling, but it's also motivated some great art over the years.

58. Disappointment

That's what you get for having hopes and dreams.

57. Jealousy

Similar to envy, but ranked higher because of that sweet Gin Blossoms song.

56. Panic


55. Horror

It's fun when it's a movie theater. Less so when you're being chased by a bear.

54. Rage

"Anger is a gift." - Rage Against the Machine

53. Regret

It's best if you can prevent this in advance, because it's the worst.

52. Hatred

Haters gonna hate. And good for them.

51. Dread

It's like fear, only in advance of the thing you are actually afraid of, so yay for that.

50. Sorrow

There sure are a lot of kinds of sad, huh?

49. Fear

Usually a negative thing that keeps you from reaching your potential, but sometimes it also keeps you from being eaten by bears, so it's not all bad.

48. Anxiety

Nothing quite like constant irrational fears to keep you going through the day.

47. Boredom


46. Indifference


45. Disgust

It's what kept you from enjoying Brussels sprouts, and you were wrong about that. Admit it.

44. Distrust

It's not fun, but sometimes it's right.

43. Loneliness

It's weird that a feeling can run so deep and be so wrong. You are never alone. Even when you're pooping.

42. Grief

A deep sadness, but often an important one. If you need to feel grief, let yourself.

41. Outrage

There's so much of the faux variety going around, but a little genuine outrage can be a great motivator for change.

40. Guilt

It's only worthwhile if it helps make you a better person. It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to stay.

39. Shock

Not a great feeling, but it least it doesn't last.

38. Loathing

It's hatred, but at least it's passionate.

37. Surprise

Bet you didn't expect this to be in the middle of this list!

36. Pride

It can be a good thing, but it's also easy to have too much of it.

35. Desire

Can be good or bad, depending on what you do with it. Also a great Meg Myers song.

34. Interest

It's the right-swipe of emotions.

33. Zest

It's a feeling. And also a soap.

32. Schadenfreude

It's really not cool to take pleasure in the misfortune of others, but this is such a cool word for it.

31. Pity

Take it from Mr. T.

30. Hurt

It's going to happen. It just shows you've got feelings. No worries.

29. Curiosity

Ranked lower if you're a cat.

28. Wonder

It's wonderful, but we can do better.

27. Confidence

It's that feeling only a great deodorant can provide.

26. Shyness

It's nice, but it can stop you from doing all the things in life you'd like to.

25. Arousal

Bow-chicka-wow-wow …

24. Affection

Even better when it's in private.

23. Satisfaction

Pairs nicely with smugness.

22. Excitement


21. Lust

Whether it's for another person or just for life, it's pure and primal, which is pretty cool.

20. Zeal

It's like the 5-Hour Energy of emotions.

19. Self-confidence

This is a good thing, as long as it's real. Beware of people who project their own insecurities as a hyper-ized self-confidence.

18. Ecstasy

Such a sweet feeling they made a drug for it.

17. Courage

As long as it's not around bears.

16. Relief

That great feeling that comes along when the ones you were worried about did not.

15. Remorse

Of all the guilty feelings, this is the one most likely to actually have a good outcome going forward.

14. Euphoria

It's an intense happy, not a sustainable one, but it's fun while it lasts.

13. Pleasure

It's the low-grade happiness we take in so many things.

12. Awe

This one goes away far too often in grown-ups, but you should be in awe almost every day if you think about it.

11. Angst

It's the teenager of emotions. It's not a good feeling, but it's such great fuel.

10. Anger

It's important that you keep it in check and don't let it take over your life, but it's also why we have Slayer.

9. Hope

So many feelings are stuck in the past or focused on the present. This one is about the future.

8. Contentment

Our desire to constantly better ourselves is worthwhile, but it also devalues the ability to be in a moment and realize you have everything you need to be happy.

7. Trust

This one is delicate and hard to rebuild when it's broken, but it's pretty great when it's there, huh?

6. Gratitude

This is one that goes underrated. You can never have too much of this.

5. Joy

This is the highest on the happy scale, most often experienced by children and those who remember what it's like to be one.

4. Passion

Whatever it's applied to, it makes it better.

3. Sadness

An important lesson you should have learned from Mister Rogers: It's OK to feel sad sometimes. If you don't let yourself feel sad, it comes out as something even worse. Plus, sad songs are great.

2. Happiness

It's simple enough, but it's also our natural and intended state. Sometimes all you have to do is allow yourself to feel it.

1. Love

The Beatles were right. It really is all you need.