Other new movie releases for the weekend of May 20

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive
"The Nice Guys"

New in theaters:

"The Nice Guys"

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe play '70s L.A. detectives investigating a porn star's disappearance in this action-comedy from writer-director Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang").

"The Angry Birds Movie"

Do we really need an animated movie based on a mobile phone game? Probably not, but there's money to be made! Still, there's a solid voice cast led by Jason Sudeikis and Josh Gad.

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Limited screenings:

"The Warriors" in 35mm

The Gateway Film Center's ongoing resurgence of 35mm film screenings brings another movie that's great for the experience. Can you dig it?

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Alive recommends:

"Captain America: Civil War"

The latest chapter in the Marvel Universe is awfully crowded, with a full dozen superheroes represented, but it's also awfully good. You won't be disappointed. (3 ½ stars)