Other new movie releases for the weekend of March 10

Brad Keefe

New in theaters:


This 80-minute documentary focuses on the hundreds of thousands of cats that freely roam Istanbul, along with the culture around them. (Drexel Theatre, Gateway Film Center)


Sandra Oh and Anne Heche portray two women locked in a fierce rivalry that plays out over the years in this black comedy.

Alive recommends:


Hugh Jackman's reported last performance as Logan/Wolverine is the movie fans have longed for. It's both brutal and moving, and hopefully a direction other superhero movies will follow. (4 stars)

“Get Out”

Whether you go for the bitingly sharp commentary on race or just for a really, really well-executed horror movie, go see “Get Out.” (4 stars)


Oscar night's wild snafu grabbed the headlines, but you should see for yourself why Barry Jenkins' unforgettable coming-of-age film deserved Best Picture all along. (5 stars)

Also in theaters:

“Table 19”

Anna Kendrick was dumped by her boyfriend and as the maid of honor in her best friend's wedding. She decides to attend anyway in this comedy-drama.

“A United Kingdom”

The true story of the forbidden love between the king of Botswana (David Oyelowo) and a white Londoner (Rosamund Pike) who decide to marry just as apartheid is taking hold in South Africa.

“The Shack”

Octavia Spencer stars in this adaptation of a best-selling novel about a father's spiritual journey in the wake of a family tragedy.