Other new movie releases for the weekend of March 17

Brad Keefe

New releases:

“The Belko Experiment”

James Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) scripted this workplace tale where co-workers are pitted against each other in a life or death social experiment.

“American Fable”

A Midwestern farm girl finds herself in a world that blends fantasy and reality when she discovers a mysterious stranger apparently being held captive in a farm silo.

Limited screenings:

“The Boondock Saints”

This tale of revenge-seeking Irish brothers has attained cult status, and even if I'm not a part of it, fans should know this is playing Friday through Sunday at the Gateway Film Center as part of their ongoing Cult 101 series.

Alive recommends:


Hugh Jackman's reported last performance as Logan/Wolverine is the movie fans have longed for. It's both brutal and moving, and hopefully a direction other superhero movies will follow. (4 stars)

“Get Out”

Whether you go for the bitingly sharp commentary on race or just for a really, really well-executed horror movie, go see “Get Out.” (4 stars)


Oscar night's wild snafu grabbed the headlines, but you should see for yourself why Barry Jenkins' unforgettable coming-of-age film deserved Best Picture all along. (5 stars)

Also in theaters:

“Kong: Skull Island”

A great cast helps smooth over some of the weak parts in what's a generally enjoyable monster movie with plenty of popcorn thrills. (3 stars)


This 80-minute documentary focuses on the hundreds of thousands of cats that freely roam Istanbul, as well as the culture around them. (Drexel Theatre, Gateway Film Center)