Movie review: 'Wonder Woman'

Brad Keefe

It's about damn time.

No, I'm not talking about the fact that there's finally a good movie coming out of the DC Universe, although that's icing on the cake.

There's finally a good superhero movie centered on a female superhero. And since a new superhero movie is coming out every three weeks now and women are, like, half of the Earth's population, it's about damn time.

Not that I wasn't worried. The trailers for “Wonder Woman” looked like it might be another of the disjointed messes that have been plaguing DC, a la “Batman vs. Superman.”

But behind the sharp direction of Patty Jenkins (“Monster”), “Wonder Woman” packs in an efficient backstory of Diana, princess of the Amazons (Gal Gadot), who leaves her mystical island home to save mankind from itself during World War I.

The film transitions smoothly between the worlds that gave me pause in the trailer with mostly great pacing and story arcs. In fact, the general focus on story and characters is what's been woefully missing from DC movies.

Gadot is in a star-making role here, and nothing she's done before this indicated how good she would be. From the powerful confidence of her action scenes to moments of emotion and comic relief, it's already near impossible to imagine anyone else in this role.

Her co-star Chris Pine provides his own star power as a spy trying to stop the Germans from unleashing a powerful new chemical weapon. In a refreshing reversal, he's the capable but second-class character that's usually the best we can hope for from a female in a superhero film.

There are some chinks in the armor. The CGI-fueled finale feels a little stock at this point, and the movie could have had a tighter runtime. The inevitable love story also feels unnecessary.

But now that introductions are out of the way — and the movie has proven to be a smash at the box-office — let's hope we can get more standalone Wonder Woman films. Gadot's Diana will next appear in “Justice League,” but this character shouldn't just be sharing the spotlight with the boys.

We finally have a really great superhero movie that half of our population can project themselves into.

It's about damn time.

“Wonder Woman”

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4 stars out of 5