Other new movie releases for the weekend of June 30

Brad Keefe
"The Big Sick"

New releases:

“The Big Sick”

This cross-cultural romantic comedy stars Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan as a couple navigating a mystery illness.

Also in theaters:

“Despicable Me 3”

Steve Carell returns as the voice of the most lovable cartoon “villain” ever, this time reunited with a long-lost twin brother. Also, there will be Minions.

“The House”

Married couple Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler open an underground casino in their home to pay for their daughter's college tuition in this unfunny suburban comedy. (2 stars)

“Transformers: The Last Knight”

The much-awaited conclusion to Michael Bay's loud, bombastic, overlong Transformers series comes to theaters. I know I was awaiting the end of this series.

“Rough Night”

This “Hangover” with a female-led cast wastes some serious talent with an R-rated comedy that is lacking on laughs. (2 stars)

Alive recommends:

“It Comes at Night”

Not the straight horror movie it's been promoted as, “It Comes at Night” is something far better: a smart, layered thriller that will leave you shaken. (4 stars)

“47 Meters Down”

This surprisingly taut low-budget horror-thriller stars Mandy Moore as a vacationing American who finds herself at the bottom of the ocean in a cage surrounded by sharks. Seriously, it's good. (3 stars)

“Wonder Woman”

We finally have a really great superhero movie that half of our population can project themselves into. It's about damn time. (4 stars)