Other new movie releases for Sept. 8

Andy Downing

New in theaters:


Prepare to have your coulrophobia triggered (that's a fear of clowns) when this Stephen King adaptation finally hits the big screen. “We all float down here” still makes my stomach sink, fwiw.

“Home Again”

“Home Again,” aka “Three Men and a Lady,” stars Reese Witherspoon as a single mom who allows a trio of young men to move in with her. Shenanigans — and, inevitably (I'd assume), romance — ensue.


If you were waiting for a dramatized version of an American tragedy starring Whoopi Goldberg, Gina Gershon and, uh, Charlie Sheen, here you go. For the rest of us, this is one we'll likely want to forget.

Limited screenings:

“The Girl Without Hands”

The animated French tale, which screens at the Gateway Film Center, features gorgeous, hand-painted animation that lends the trailer a dream-like feel.


No, not the Metallica song, but a 4K screening of the gun-slinging 1992 Western directed by Clint Eastwood and starring heavy hitters Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Eastwood himself. This one also takes place at GFC.

Alive recommends:

“Good Time”

The indie crime caper is almost unbelievably intense and unexpected at nearly every turn, right down to an amazing and nuanced performance by Robert Pattinson. (4 stars)

“Brigsby Bear”

This comedy, centered on a children's television series produced for an audience of one, is one of the weirdest, most wonderful surprises of the year. (4 stars)