Other new movie releases for March 9

Andy Downing
“The Hurricane Heist”

New in Theaters:

“The Strangers: Prey at Night”

This sequel, arriving nearly a decade after “The Strangers,” from 2008, stars Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison and Martin Henderson, and unfolds at a secluded mobile home park — clearly the most dangerous kind.

“The Hurricane Heist”

This eXXXXXXXXtreme, storm-fueled caper is what happens when you take a regular heist film and force feed it Mountain Dew Code Red.


The new dark comedy from director Nash Edgerton (“The Square”) features a strong cast (David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried) and a plot centered on the development of a medicinal marijuana pill.


The new thriller might be most notable for including the final onscreen appearance of actor Anton Yelchin (“Green Room,” “Star Trek”), who died in a 2016 accident at the age of 27.

“A Fantastic Woman”

Somehow not a film about my wife, this Chilean drama actually depicts the scorn heaped on a transgender singer played by Daniela Vega in what is reported to be a dynamic performance.

“The Party”

In the new dark comedy from director Sally Potter, gues***Erica Thompson grabs the microphone:“THE ONLY PARTY THAT MATTERS IS ‘HOUSE PARTY'!***nd that has to sting. Still probably worth seeing, though.

Also Playing:

“Red Sparrow”

Jennifer Lawrence, reteaming with “Hunger Games” director Francis Lawrence, stars as a Russian spy in this slick-looking espionage thriller, which will hopefully be the one Russian plot that doesn't somehow connect to President Trump.

Alive Recommends:

“Black Panther”

That “Black Panther” carries such high cultural significance in 2018 doesn't say a lot about where we are as a society, but it's more than just an overdue step of onscreen representation. It's also a rollicking good blockbuster, even if it doesn't quite reinvent the wheel. (4 stars)