The List: Ranking the lists ranking every Stan Lee cameo

Andy Downing
Stan Lee

Comic legend Stan Lee died earlier this week at the age of 95. In his honor, we're taking time out to rank the lists ranking his film cameos.

13.Business Insider

This is simply a list of Stan Lee cameos, with no effort to rank or analyze their content. Who would expect something so dull and colorless fromBusiness Insider?


FHM caps its rankings at 10, and also opens by writing, “One of the most enjoyable elements of Marvel movies is the obligatory Stan Lee cameo,” which is such an immense load of horseshit.Literallyno one thinks this.


This list is really long, and the site is laden with so many adverts that it slowed my computer to a crawl.


The writer describes the Stan Lee-Hugh Hefner pairing in “Iron Man” as “one of the best cameos in movie history” in giving it the top slot, which nearly led me to disqualify this entry completely. (The best cameo in movie history is clearly Bill Murray in “Zombieland.” Don't @ me.)


I guess I just had higher expectations for a site called Ranker.


Reads like even more of a rush job than this list. (Barely, admittedly.)

7.Ryan O'Toole (via YouTube)

Ryan O'Toole gets bonus points for delivering his rankings while wearing a Ryan O'Toole T-shirt. But, man, 12-plus minutes of high-energy, low-charisma dialogue can be a serious slog to get through. Best line: "I always enjoy that scene. It's a really fun scene. But it's not one of my favorites.”


The list lacks the site's trademark wit, with most of the blurbs essentially saying the same thing: “Stan Lee deserved better.”


Presented in an easy-to-navigate photo gallery, this is some A+ web #content, though the writing is brisk to the point of meaninglessness. (Again, don't @ me.)

4.The Wrap

Another thorough list, this one covering 35 appearances. I also appreciate the restraint in waiting until number 33 to write, “Here's where the cameos start getting good.” Sorry about the half-dozen of you trash cameos that didn't make that cut.


I wasn't familiar with this site, but I appreciate its willingness to dock certain cameos for “a lack of substance,” as depth of character is what I'm looking for from any here-and-gone celeb appearance.


Among the most comprehensive lists of Lee cameos, Indiewire extends its reach beyond the Marvel Universe, even including the comic maven's appearance in director Kevin Smith's “Mallrats” (which is great, by the way).

1.Sean Chandler Talks About (via YouTube)

Sean Chandler ranks 33 Lee cameos, spending a bulk of his time on his top 10. It's fair to say that Mr. Chandler is a little too excited about getting a two-fer when Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno appear together in the same “Hulk” scene. The video features great production values, though, and getting to easily watch each scene in just a shade more than 10 minutes is a huge plus.