Other new movie releases for Feb. 8

Andy Downing
“Cold Pursuit”


“What Men Want”

Finally, here's the remake of the 2000 Mel Gibson film “What Women Want” for which audiences have been pining.

“Cold Pursuit”

I'm not sure what this movie is actually about, but the title reminded me of that scene in “The Day After Tomorrow” where “the cold” chases the movie protagonists as though it were some kind of monster. God, that was dumb.

“The Prodigy”

I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator. I'm the fear addicted, a danger illustrated. I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter.



Hopes of M. Night Shyamalan again blowing this critic away, as he did with “Split,” from 2017, didn't last long. “Glass” quickly feels like the Shyamalan who took early reports of his own storytelling genius too much to heart. (2 stars)


“Vice” is flawed, sure, but it's a punchy lesson in how our political system can be gamed by those with the will. That lesson seems very relevant. (3 stars)

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

This animated film opens by wisely fast-forwarding through the Spider-Man origin story, and then proceeds to take numerous inventive turns from there. Stylish, fast-paced and charming, it's among the best-ever entries in the Marvel film universe. (Also, be sure to stick around through the end credits.)


“They Shall Not Grow Old”

The restoration of the footage for this World War I documentary from director Peter Jackson pulls these soldiers into our modern world, very much like ghosts. Expressions are readable. Small moments of the experience in the trenches come to life. (4 stars)


“Shoplifters” is complex, funny, joyful, sad and enthralling. Like “Roma,” it feels like a slice of life that's both deeply ingrained in a certain culture and also somehow universal. (5 stars)