Other new movie releases for March 22

Andy Downing
“Gloria Bell”


“Gloria Bell”

Chilean writer/director Sebastian Lelio's remake of his 2013 "Gloria" works just as well as the original, thanks to a glorious lead performance by Julianne Moore as a free-spirited, dance-loving divorcee navigating dating later in life. (4 stars)


“Captain Marvel”

It's not fair to give “Captain Marvel,” a perfectly passable popcorn movie, the full weight of the obscenity of this cinematic gender disparity. But after this wait, society deserved better. (2 stars)

“Five Feet Apart”

Or “1.524 Meters Apart,” as it's known outside of America.

“Captive State”

Rupert Wyatt's alien thriller focuses less on the invasion than the aftermath, depicting humans living under the autocratic rule of an intergalactic species.

“The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part”

The movie sometimes struggles to recreate the magic of the original, but the all-ages appeal is still there — a colorful and playful mix for the kids with plenty of pop culture nods for parents (or, in our critic's case, childless adults who snort-laugh over a Radiohead reference). (3 stars)


There are enough gasps and laughs (intended and otherwise) to make “Greta” a reasonable diversion, but it could have used either more art or more cheese. (2 stars)


The cloying narrative threads here remind me of the man who wrote and directed “The Lady in the Water,” a film which, I will remind you, had a character literally named “Story,” and in which M. Night Shyamalan also cast himself as a writer who saves the universe with his words. (2 stars)



“Climax” is a happy society that breaks down into chaos before our eyes over a single night. It's sure to be divisive, but it stokes anxiety with added social commentary in a way that reminded me a lot of Darren Aronofsky's equally divisive “Mother!” (4 stars)